Morgan Lee


Jewelry Care

Taking care of your jewelry is very important. Precious gems and metals can live through many generations if you do what you need to ensure their shine.

Gently clean your jewelry with a soft, clean cloth to maximize the shine.

Keep sterling silver and gold away from fashion jewelry. Metals like copper, brass, and iron can temporarily tarnish your fine jewelry. We say only buy the good stuff, but if you have cheaper jewelry, keep it separate from the finer things.

"Trapped dirt, bacteria, oil or tarnish build-up on jewelry can affect your skin," says Dr. Peredo. ... But there is at least one good reason not to sleep in your jewelry. "Wearing your jewelry while sleeping is the number one cause of losing gemstones and wearing out prongs!" says Dr. Peredo, Associate Clinical Professor of Dermatology.

To keep it simple. Jewelry is a real life treasure. Treasure it, take care of it, share it’s story, and pass it on, because gemstones and precious metals are things that can last forever.

Happy Shopping!

Happy Shopping!